Why Choose Femina® Tampons

  • intim-care.com  offers high quality sanitary products made in Europe in accordance with high European product safety standards.
  • Femina® tampons are tested by dermatologists  & gynaecologist’s and confirmed hypoallergenic, unscented, pH-neutral & absolutely chlorine free.
  • To prevent loose fibres, we cushion our tampons with an ultrathin Silky Soft Cover for easy insertion AND removal.
  • The cushioned surface structure allows the tampon to expand evenly in your body, offering maximum protection.
  • The perfect fit improves absorbency and gently maintains protection compared to traditional tampons. Try Femina® and notice the difference!
  • Each tampon is individually and hygienically sealed with a durable yet simple to open wrapping.
  • Choose your size through a range of 3 absorbencies to adjust your tampon to your flow accordingly.
The choice is yours - we offer the right product !
Choose between Femina® Classic applicator and All Natural non-applicator tampons.
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