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Donna M. (Philippines-Singapore)

“I normally use pad but last month I tried your free tampon samples. I was pleased how easy your applicator tampons are to use. It is comfortable to use without having to check my back if the pad is still in place :-) ”

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Alexandra S. (Germany - Singapore)

“I'm a big fan of Femina organic tampons! I like the idea of using natural tampons and being eco-friendly at the same time!”

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Sunny L. (China - Singapore)

“The insertions of first few pieces were not easy, but after getting used to them." 

"It was much better and now I use them most of the time during my days."

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Laura W. (Germany - Singapore)

Product Testing Feedback in Singapore:

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Ng S.T. (Singapore)

“I’ve been using sanitary pads for 20 years. I didn’t think there was anything on this website that could convince me to change my routine. But by looking at the content I was surprised to learn all this about tampons.....

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