FAQs about tampon use

Can people tell when I am having my period?

No, there is no way anyone can tell by looking at you.

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Can I get pregnant during my period?

Yes, you can get pregnant at any time during your menstrual cycle, so always have protected sex. To lower the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, use a barrier method of contraception such as a condom.
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How long should my period last?

Each woman has her own individual pattern. Most women bleed for an average of 4-5 days, but anything from 3-8 days is normal. Consult your doctor if your periods last longer or you are worried in any way.

Can the wearing of tampons cause Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)?

TSS can occur in men, women and children. For more information on TSS, please visit http://www.tssis.com
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Do I have to change my tampon every time I go to the toilet?

No, if it is not time to change your tampon, you don't have to remove it to go to the toilet.
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Can I wear a tampon to bed?

You can wear a tampon to bed as long as you insert a fresh one before you go to sleep and change it as soon as you wake up. Remember that you shouldn't wear a tampon for longer than 8 hours.
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Can I go swimming while wearing a tampon?

Tampons give you the freedom to go about your normal daily routines, so yes, you can go swimming while wearing a tampon without any worries of it coming out.
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Can teenagers use tampons?

As long as you have started to menstruate and feel ready to use tampons, you can use them. There is no age restriction.
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Are tampons difficult to insert?

Tampons are easy to use as long as you relax your vaginal muscles when you insert them. Angle the tampon towards the small of your back and remember to push it up as far into the vaginal canal as you can. When using a tampon for the first time, we recommend that you try on one of your heavier days, so it will be easier to insert.
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Will I lose my virginity if I use a tampon?

Not at all. You can only lose your virginity by having sexual intercourse.
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Are tampons uncomfortable to wear?

Not at all. As long as you have placed your tampon properly, you should not be able to feel it inside you. If you can feel it, you probably have not inserted it far enough into your vagina. You will also find that wearing a tampon gives you the freedom to go about your normal activities without worry, and you won't experience the rubbing, chafing or menstrual odour associated with the wearing of sanitary pads.
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Does using a tampon prevent menstrual flow odour?

Yes, because it is worn inside the body and absorbs the blood flow before it leaves the body.

Can a tampon get lost inside me?

Don't worry about pushing a tampon up too far. There is nowhere for it to go to get lost. And by leaving the cord outside the body, you can easily remove the tampon when needed. If you lose the cord, squat down, push your vaginal muscles downward and you should be able to reach inside and feel the end of the tampon or the cord. If you cannot remove the tampon yourself, your doctor will quickly and easily be able to do it for you.
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