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intim-care.com provides high quality hygiene products for all confident and health conscious women. Our products are developed and made in Europe from the finest raw materials to ensure their high quality, product-safety and comfort.

Femina® tampons are dermatologically and gynaecologically tested and offer the most comfortable to wear menstrual protection. The distinct design with its carefully rounded small tip and silky soft cover makes insertion and removal extra easy. The cushioned surface structure of Femina® tampons ensures a gentle expansion to fit your body perfectly.
Entrust Femina® with your well-being. A tampon is neither felt while wearing nor does it get in the way and stops you from playing sports or enjoying leisure activities. Tampons are an essential feature of a modern women’s lifestyle.  
Trust and try Femina® -  Women's highly recommended hygiene brand with the day-flying butterfly.

We at intim-care.com believe in

  • offering a comfortable to wear, discreet and modern alternative to sanitary pads.
  • presenting you Femina® products  in a chic and cleverly designed packaging.
  • education to address secrets, talk about myths and share our knowledge to empower women.