Tampon Tips For Teenage Girls (Part 1)

Posted: 15 December 2012

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Tampon Tips For Teenage Girls

Teens and tweens who have just started their menstrual cycle often have many questions to ask about tampons.

In this article, we'll unleash a few vital tips on first-time tampon use.

Without further ado, let's dive right in :

Practicing good hygiene before and after insertion of tampon is a must. You should do this by always washing your hands with soap before and after insertion/removal.

Some teen girls may feel uncomfortable at the idea of using tampons for the first time and this is considered normal. If you’re not ready, please don’t feel like you are obligated to. When and if you are emotionally ready, understand that you may not get it right the first time or after a few tries, but please don’t give up.

For a better idea on how to insert and remove an applicator tampon, kindly have a look at this how-to guide by Femina®.

Some girls are worried over the possibility of the tampon getting lost inside their bodies. This is technically impossible as the cervical opening that lets menstrual blood enter into the vagina is not large enough to allow for a tampon to enter the uterus.

The tampon is held in place by the walls of your vagina and is removed by pulling the cord that hangs outside of the body.

How does a tampon work?

Like pads, tampons absorb menstrual flux. Instead of absorbing the menstrual blood as it flows out of the body, the tampon soaks it up internally. And this is where tampons carry a superior advantage over sanitary pads, especially for teens with active lifestyle.

Say, for example, you’ve always been a competitive swimmer in school. You can still swim even when you’re having your period if you use tampons for your menstrual protection.

Tampons give you a free pass to enjoying your active lifestyle even during menstruation which is impossible if you’re wearing pads. You do not have to worry about leakages as long as you’re wearing it right.

How to know if I’m using the correct Femina® tampon product?

For teens, we highly recommend our classic applicator tampons of the lowest absorbency. For more details, please visit here.

When should I remove the tampon?

It is important to take note of your menstrual flow. If it’s heavy, you should change it after 2 to 4 hours. Your tampon is considered to be fully-soaked when no white is peeking through. On your lighter days, you can wear it from 4 to 8 hours.

You can wear tampon while you sleep but make sure that you wear a fresh one before you hit the sack and replace it immediately as soon as you wake up.

For those who have just started to menstruate and are unsure about your own menstrual flow pattern, please be patient as it will take some time to get familiar with your own menstrual flow. After a few times of experiencing the menstrual cycle, you will notice that some days are heavier than others. Wear regular tampon on lighter/regular days.

Ideally, we recommend tampon products of the lowest absorbency (a.k.a. regular) for all teens that are first-time tampon users.

For more tampon tips, please read:

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If you have other questions, feel free to drop a comment below and we shall get back to you.

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Holly James on 26 Feb 2013 at 08:02
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