Sleeping While On Your Period - Tampons Vs Pads

Posted: 19 January 2013

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Sleeping While On Your Period - Tampons Vs Pads
Tampons are on a whole other level than sanitary pads.

Tampons are discreet and function by absorbing blood internally. Pads are bulky in comparison and work by absorbing blood as it flows out of your vagina.

A sanitary pad poses higher risk of leakage as its ability to absorb menstrual flux depends on a number of factors such as the way you’re seated and the position you're in while lying down. Gravity is a best friend and worst enemy when you’re using pads as menstrual protection.

If you’re used to wearing pads or have been wearing them before, you will unfortunately have come to realize that sleeping while on your period (on the heaviest days) is no fun and in fact, presents a distinct struggle.

First, you must always use a maxi pad that is designed for overnight, which means it will be longer in size just so that it will be able to catch your menstrual flow as gravity works its magic when you’re lying down.

Secondly, you can’t sleep too long on your left or right side and must make alternate turns for the purpose of preventing side leakage. It can be especially messy when you forget to switch sides. And even if you’re most vigilant, for the most part, wearing a sanitary pad to bed during your heaviest period day feels more like a chore and it robs the quality of sleep that you get.

With tampons, it doesn’t matter what your sleeping position is because they work by absorbing menstrual flux at its source. You don’t have to keep waking yourself up to change position like you have to with a sanitary pad.

Wearing a tampon while you sleep allows you to completely relax thereby transforming the whole period experience. It doesn’t even feel like it’s there and menstruation just stops being a source of discomfort.

You don’t have to worry about major leakages and get that restful sleep free from the endless maneuverings which is often the case when one wears a sanitary pad while sleeping.

For extra protection, you can use a panty liner with your tampon at night if you find that your period is particularly heavy. Always wear a fresh tampon before you go to bed. If you sleep more than 8 hours, make sure that you set your alarm clock before the 8th hour to change your tampon. On heavier days(nights), you may need to change the tampon sooner rather than later.  

Never use a tampon with a higher absorbency (than what you normally wear) while you sleep thinking that you can sleep longer and not have to change it earlier. Always use the correct absorbency and change it according to time (between 4 to 8 hours).

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